Economic performance

In the context of keen international competition and the globalization of the worldwide economy, the sustained growth of the DASSAULT AVIATION Group requires a rational, flexible and responsive organization, effective operating methods, and a sound financial policy.


Creating value is a prime duty: it ensures the Group's independence and longterm future; it helps enable continuous improvements to our product line and more efficient processes and cost savings.


The Group provides true and accurate information to its shareholders and to the financial markets, in a sustained policy of transparency.


All of the Group's personnel must take care, when in possession of privileged information, concerning the Group's situation or plans, not to use it or disclose it illicitly, particularly when it has not yet been made known to the marketplace.


Economic performance is also relevant to dealings with suppliers. The Group works consistently to promote competition between suppliers.


The selection criteria applied for suppliers are comparative in nature and are based on performance, cost, delivery time, quality, and reliability.


The Group maintains relations of mutual cooperation and fair treatment with its suppliers; these relations are based on reciprocal square dealing and the mutual meeting of commitments.


The Group's employees owe it loyalty. This includes not requesting or accepting gifts or benefits which exceed standard business practice or which might influence the employee’s behavior. Offers of travel, junkets, and participation in non-professional events must be declined.



As a general rule, a conflict between ones own personal or financial interest, whether direct or indirect, and the group’s interests must be avoided.