Human qualities

The continued successful growth of the DASSAULT AVIATION Group is based on the quality and commitment of the men and women who make it up. They are its main asset. Accordingly the Group strives to maintain harmonious human relations:



  • by favoring professional self-realization, initiative, and creativity;
  • by practicing an open and constructive dialogue based on trust, mutual respect, and information about objectives and challenges;
  • by encouraging team spirit, which entails solidarity, willingness to help, exchanges of experience, the sharing of knowledge and the transmission of know-how.
  • working in a spirit of truth;
  • freedom from discrimination based on national origin, lifestyle, marital status, sex, race, physical handicaps, political or religious beliefs, or union membership;
  • respecting the individual and his/her private life;
  • maintaining a professional work environment and working conditions;
  • the availability of vocational training and the prevention of health and occupational risks.


The Group is deeply concerned with enforcement of human rights and fair labor practices; it gives special care to the implementation of essential principles such as:



The personnel of the DASSAULT AVIATION Group owe the Group undivided loyalty. It is, for example, prohibited to work, without the Group's express permission, for an actual or potential competitor.