Openness to the world

As information becomes more global in nature, the DASSAULT AVIATION Group has ,acquired means of communication, internal and external, that favor constructive dialogue, trust, and transparency.


The Group is open to the scientific and academic community and participates in occupational training and professional education, in research and development, and in international exchanges of knowledge, techniques, and know-how.


The Group does care about the impact of its activities on the citizen’s community, as well as the good implementation of fundamental principles of environment protection and respect. It has therefore voluntarily committed itself, since the year 2000, towards the ISO 14001 certification of all its production units.


As a corporate citizen, it maintains the strictest political, religious, and philosophical neutrality; it does not finance political parties, elected officials, or candidates unless such activities fully comply with existing laws.



In the business world, it takes care to act in conformity with laws, regulations, and established practices, in a spirit of integrity, ethics, and professionalism.