Technological excellence and innovation

The technical and technological excellence of the DASSAULT AVIATION Group's aircraft is one of the pillars of its national and international reputation.


This excellence is founded on a constant concern for quality, for anticipating needs, for innovation, creativity, and the development of effective and reliable new products and services.


Throughout its search for new materials and processes, the Group takes the environmental aspects into account. It is committed to actively protect the environment during the whole aircraft lifecycle, right from the design stage.


When conducting research and development, the Group is mindful of the environmental impact of new processes and materials which may be adopted for industrial use.


The Group must always encourage the taste for challenge, favor professional commitment, responsiveness, and the transmission of the experience and knowhow of its engineers, managers, technicians, skilled workers, and employees.


The Group's assets must be preserved - both material assets like buildings and equipment and such intangibles as patents, manufacturing secrets, customer lists and software. Each employee must see to it that there is no illicit or fraudulent use thereof and take all necessary measures to prevent theft, sabotage, espionage, and piracy.


In connection with his/her duties our employees may be required to handle or possess information of a confidential or privileged character concerning our customers or the Group or other information which has a national, international, industrial, or commercial character or other value.



He/she must be prudent, discreet, and honest with such data at all times.