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  • 12/28/2020
    After this particular year, Dassault Falcon Service and its teams would like to wish you all the best for 2021. May this New Year open up great prospects for the future and may health accompany you and your loved ones. …
  • 08/18/2020
    What if a customer only has three-days between two scheduled flights and requires an engine change, some due list items and a borescope inspection on the other two engines to be performed during this limited window? Many…
  • 05/04/2020
    Since the beginning of the health crisis, Dassault Falcon Service has set up various measures to protect the health of its employees and customers, both for the executive flights and for maintenance. Among these…
  • 04/27/2020
    Dassault Falcon Service demonstrated all the responsiveness it is capable transforming a Falcon 900 into a « cargo » plane during the period of health crisis. In only 8 days between the customer’s request and the…
  • 04/06/2020
    To deal with the health crisis linked to COVID-19, Dassault Aviation has made two Falcon business jets available to the French Defense Ministry as part of the Operation Resilience intended to supply logistics and medical…
  • 02/25/2020
    Professional equality for all employees has always been a major issue for DASSAULT FALCON SERVICE. In particular through a company-wide agreement on gender equality, the company has undertaken to ensure that no employee…