The Falcon 7X is the most technologically advanced business jet in service anywhere in the world today. Pilots particularly appreciate its manageability which makes it reach landing trips usually dedicated to light jets. Agile and efficient, passengers enjoy the on-board wellness, comfort and silence.

And with fuel consumption 15-30% lower than other jets in its class, it dramatically lowers operating costs. The Falcon 7X is designed to reach the furthest destinations linking Paris to Tokyo, Shanghai to Seattle and New-York to Jeddah.


Range / 11019km / 5 950 nm

Speed / 0.80 Mach

Day capacity / 14 sièges

Night capacity / 5 lits

Cabin length / 2.34 m

Cabin Height / 11.91 m

Cabin width / 1.88 m

Bagage volume / 4m3

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