DFS beat no less than three records in 24 hours Friday, November 8. Back on this special day.

The first achievement, run from Saigon to Paris in 13h52 with the Falcon 8X. This is the longest flight ever made by DFS.

The second feat concerns flying hours for one day (considering time differences):

- 14h for a Saigon-Paris flight
- 6h for a round trip Paris-Marrakech
- 11h for a Paris-Las Vegas flight, with a stopover in Tahiti
- Then 9h for a Las Vegas-Tahiti flight
- 8h for a FAS mission Paris-Amsterdam-Moscow-Paris
- 2h for a round trip Ouagadougou-Lomé
- For a total of 50 hours of flight time with 4 aircraft engaged.

In the light of the destinations served, last performance is having managed to reach the 5 continents in a single day.