Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) has established a subsidiary at Vnukovo Airport as part of an ongoing effort to expand assistance services available to Dassault Falcon customers in Russia.

DFS Moscow is also investing in new logistics and tooling at the subsidiary, known as Dassault Falcon Service Moscow, to broaden the spectrum of services it can provide. These investments are done in partnership with Vostok Technical Service, a long established maintenance provider in Russia.

Close to Moscow, Vnukovo is the leading airport for business aviation in Russia and in CIS countries and a major hub serving Asia, Middle East and Europe. DFS has run a satellite service center there since 2005 and holds both EASA and FAA approvals.

In 2012, it moved into new premises at the Vnukovo-3 executive aviation terminal, closer to the licensed maintenance providers it supports, and set up a Go Team.

Working in tandem with nearby DFS Go Teams in Nice, France and Luton in the United Kingdom, the Moscow Go Team significantly expanded Falcon off-site maintenance support in the region.

“Firmly establishing DFS’s presence in Russia positions us to ensure our customers receive the support they expect, when they need it, where they need it,” said Jean Kayanakis, General Manager of Dassault Falcon Service.

Available on a 24/7 basis, DFS Moscow technicians are qualified to troubleshoot any AOG case in the Moscow area. They are also trained to perform line maintenance and basic inspections on all Falcon models. When needed, the Moscow satellite center can also draw on the support of the ramp service crew at DFS’s Paris Le Bourget headquarters, ensuring aircraft return to service as quickly as possible.


About Dassault Falcon Service

Dassault Falcon Service has, since 1967, built experience in the area of business aviation. Due to its integrated structure, Dassault Falcon Service offers an extensive suite of maintenance and technical services for Falcon business jets. Located at Paris-Le Bourget airport, DFS is a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation and a member of the Dassault Aircraft Services network. The company also provides a unique Ramp Service support at Paris-Le Bourget airport or AOG assistance anywhere your aircraft requires. Its Executive Flight Department includes FBO services, aircraft management and charter flights.


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