On April 13th, Dassault Falcon Service has been pleased to welcome its customers at the traditional Brunch ahead of the Paris M&O 2016 (Maintenance and Operations Seminar) at its Paris-Le Bourget facility.

Only one motto: interior renovation. In fact, DFS decided to surprise customers and highlight its innovation capability in Falcon Customer-oriented cabin refurbishment. As a demonstration of this commitment, our partners AIP, ACH, and Style & Design have unveiled new models of seats and a credenza for a truly new Passenger Experience.

With such an exhibition, DFS demonstrated its ability to offer a high-end expertise with reasonable budget oriented features. The idea is to offer new cabin space without major floor plan reengineering. Simple and efficient design solutions have been implemented to improve Passengers. More space, new materials, modern design and ergonomy for improved passengers confort; to be discovered soon at DFS Ebace Booth in Geneva. The best is yet to come, stay tuned.