Thanks to the FalconTab solution, DFS’s Ramp service, which manages troubleshooting and short maintenance, is now 100% digitized.

FalconTab is a solution that supports the digital processing of the entire aircraft project documentation. From upstream preparation to delivery, this solution replaces a large amount of paper by offering fast processing of documents and secure electronic signatures. Customers can request at any time to have access to all the progress details of their project, and immediately recover their work package as soon as it is completed. In addition to reducing environmental impact, this program is consistent with the most stringent legal and regulatory requirements.

In spite of the covid-19 pandemic, DFS has therefore continued to deploy this solution, which now covers all of its scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity at Le Bourget and its satellite in Nice. The Mérignac site and the satellites of Rome, Moscow, Lomé and Budapest will ultimately be equipped with it. In 2021, DFS will extend and generalize the use of FalconTab on the most complex projects, C checks. In 2 years, no less than 975 maintenance projects were supported by this solution.