DFS Mérignac, 5 years of intense Falcon 7X c checks

Photo avion

On the 17th of October 2016, the new service center of Dassault Falcon Service in Mérignac welcomed the first 2 inputs of Falcon 7X.

After an intensive 2 years project, the technical and organizational choices made at the time have since been validated by practice and demonstrated their relevance.

The commitment of the teams has made capable a faster ramp-up than expected and allowed the site's 6 slots to operate at full capacity as early as mid-2018.

Specialized on the maintenance of the most recent models in service, Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X, technicians are among the most experienced on these aircraft. In the course of the last 5 years, they completed 35 C checks on Falcon 7X on all of the 53 released by DFS.

Dassault Falcon Service Merignac is now strong of 62 employees who can always count on the support of Le Bourget teams and on a network of local partners.

The immediate proximity to the assembly plant and the manufacturer’s design and support teams is also a considerable advantage. As a tangible result, operators have consistently express their satisfaction with the services provided by DFS Merignac.

The maintenance facility has recently expanded its capabilities and will now be able to accommodate Falcon 900EX EASy and Falcon 2000EX EASy, and the Falcon 6X soon after.