Since the beginning of the health crisis, Dassault Falcon Service has set up various measures to protect the health of its employees and customers, both for the executive flights and for maintenance. Among these measures, a systematic and thorough disinfection at the arrival and departure of any aircraft is carried out by a specialized company.

The intervention consists in applying a product that neutralizes the virus if it should be present and prevents it from depositing on surfaces up to 10 days after its application. A technician, equipped with the necessary protections (full suit, goggles, gloves, overshoes and FFP3 mask), sprays the solution throughout the cabin and the cargo compartments before cleaning the different surfaces with a cloth. This operation lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, then access to the plane is condemned for 1h30.

Thus, all employees who intervene on the aircraft can work in conditions of optimum hygiene. Not to mention the customers who recover an operational and health-secure aircraft for a safe flight.