What if a customer only has three-days between two scheduled flights and requires an engine change, some due list items and a borescope inspection on the other two engines to be performed during this limited window? Many would have said "impossible mission". However, after having discussed the possibilities, established a tight schedule and put in place a good preparation, DFS made it possible.

First, it was necessary to ensure that the necessary tools and spare parts were available on site, on the slot plane, ready to use. Only one objective: to release the aircraft 3 days later in the best operating conditions for its owner. The teams, briefed and ready to act, were able to start the plane just arrived; a crucial point for such a tight deadline.

From the first evening, the engine to be changed was removed. Once the parts to be reused were removed from the engine, the technical teams were able to reassemble them on the replacement engine the next day. Meanwhile, the remaining 2 engines were inspected by endoscope and, fortunately for the limited schedule, no results were reported. At the end of this second day, the replacement engine is installed, has undergone a clean-up and a leak check before the end of the shift. On the morning of the 3rd day, the last ground tests of engines 2 and 3 took place. No problem detected, the aircraft is cleaned and re-equipped, ready to be delivered to the customer. Finally, the delivery documents were completed on the afternoon of the 3rd day, about 5 hours before the original scheduled time. A happy customer, satisfied with the work done, ready to take off for his next flight, which happened without any problems.

This challenge was met thanks to the diligence, motivation and dedication of the teams, who were able to work in record time proving that DFS can demonstrate responsiveness to ensure the best service to Falcon customers.