Early June, Dassault Falcon Service started the first C1 check on a Falcon 7X, including interior refurbishment. Dassault Aviation delivered the first Falcon 7X in 2007 and we are now reaching the 8 years calendar C check which is the largest maintenance event for this aircraft.

This project is going on in a Falcon 7X dedicated hangar. Able to welcome three aircrafts for heavy maintenance, it also offers large capabilities for interior storage.

This is also a good opportunity to performe complete interior refurbishment, designed and created by our engineer. The Falcon 7X performance has been optimized with EASy II and a new High-Speed Internet Wifi system certified by our DOA office.

"Dassault Falcon Service team has been working hard to prepare this first project, getting all tools, parts and 7X experts ready", says Jean Kayanakis, DFS General Manager. "We are proud to be the first MRO ready to perform a C Check on 7X."