Keep connected to your Falcon!

DFS always wants to go above and beyond to deliver the level of service you expect from us. Today, we are making another decisive step forward and we are proud to introduce our web maintenance follow-up app “My DFS”.

Not only a web maintenance tool, but also a secured information storage library, “My DFS” allows you, wherever you are and regardless the device you are using, to actively follow up your ongoing maintenance projects and to have a full access to a lot of shared documents.

You can then communicate with your dedicated Customer Project Supervisor, be aware of the discrepancies list with relevant pictures, Parts information, undertaken corrective actions, applied repair solutions or any other relevant maintenance data used. Based on the information you can then approve, question or deny price quotations for any supplementary work that arises during your input. In the meantime, through your dedicated archives area,  you can access not only any available document concerning your own DFS account, but also all the related documentation linked to the previous maintenance projects performed on your fleet in DFS (workpackages, quotations, Release To Service, Invoices,….).

Keep connected to your Falcon, live with us your maintenance in real time, use “My DFS”!