The DFS Flight Department is proud to have been selected by its client, a major French company, to operate its brand new Falcon 8X. It is a replacement of their previous Falcon 7X, also been operated by DFS since delivery. This airplane is the 1st Falcon 8X registered in France and based in Le Bourget.

Delivered mid-april at Dassault Falcon Jet Little Rock (Arkansas) after completion and accepted by a DFS team, it landed in Paris-Le Bourget to enter into service right after.

The Falcon 8X, with an increased range of 500NM compared to the previous 7X, is available in a 15 seat configuration, equipped with a 3rd pilot crew rest for long flights. DFS is seeing an increasing demand for chartering this brand new Falcon. The new long-haul 8X of Dassault is continuing the Falcon story of flexible and high performance business jets, with an unrivalled cabin comfort.

As of today, the F-GLLM has already performed more than 40 successful flights to the satisfaction of the owner and all its passengers.