Internal refurbishment

Right from the beginning, Falcon design has always inspired the creators. After several years of operation, partial or total refurbishment will ensure your cabin is up-to-date with the latest styles. New upholstery, re-worked wood, multiple lighting solutions and ergonomic seating will make each flight a unique experience.


Coupled with upgraded systems, a new cabin design will increase the resale value of your aircraft. So while enjoying greater comfort and a sense of well-being, you will also ensure your Falcon maintains maximum value.


How we do it

Enter the Dassault Falcon Service Show Room and you will find yourself in a quiet, calm atmosphere, where you can choose your design, materials and colors. Whether classic or contemporary, our collections are in line with modern fashion trends.


Our three-dimensional modelling service provides an accurate portrayal of your chosen design.  Any doubts? In just a few clicks, other solutions will be created, perfectly adapted to your ideas.


External finish: detail matters

Colors, lines to give perspective, logos…Dassault Falcon Service creates your own Falcon paint scheme. Here, again, our visualisation software lets you see exactly how your aircraft will look.

Before - After