Quality is the key to safety

Our hallmark: prevention and anticipation

Dassault Falcon Service technicians are constantly kept up-to-date with the latest developments. In addition to making sure that training and competence is current, we make sure our staff are updated with the latest techniques, current regulatory requirements, potential technical incidents and precautionary measures.

A time of change for Safety Management System (SMS) regulation

Dassault Falcon service has already implemented ICAO’s Safety Management System (SMS) - well in advance of EASA’s 2016 deadline.

  • After analysing risks, Dassault Falcon Service continuously communicates with teams to strengthening competences and best practice techniques.
  • Customer feedback following an incident initiates a major investigation to determine the origins of the event, with the aim of further improving quality and safety.

" Everything possible is done to ensure minimum aircraft downtime, while guaranteeing total safety. Maintaining flight safety at the highest level involves 100% dedication of all Dassault Falcon service personnel. "

Philippe Saussard, hangar supervisor/manager


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