Avionics and accessories workshop

Dassault Falcon service is one of the only maintenance centers with all of the expertise necessary to perform 100% “à la carte” support of your aircraft’s avionics systems:


  • Design of cockpit layout.
  • Installation of the most up-to-date equipment.
  • Flight test and certification.


Our avionics workshop develops modifications for the cockpit, passenger cabin (multimedia entertainment) and communications systems (wi-fi, Satcom…) to ensure our passengers enjoy the highest levels of comfort and safety.

The avionics and accessories workshop is also able to repair and service most of the equipment installed on Falcon: 


  • Flight control system. 
  • Radio navigation, communication and surveillance.
  • Fuel management, pressurisation and air speed measurement.
  • Electrical generation equipment.
  • Cabin equipment (LCD screens, CD/DVD players…).


Dassault Falcon Service customers benefit from the greatest Falcon technical experience.